13 August 2007

Periodic Table of Visualization Methods

Directly from Visual-literacy.org:
Periodic Table of Visualization Methods

A very useful tool!

Stairs to Visual Excellence

This link shows some
steps to achieve visual excellence.

is a great site for students and people interested in visual explanations.

28 July 2007

Paige West at Malofiej

"For interactive graphics. She was a judge and did a session at the Malofiej infographics summit in Pamplona, Spain"

Marcelo Valoncini at Malofiej 15

"RCS newspapers in Italy talks about how to turn ideas into graphics at the Malofiej infographics summit in Pamplona, Spain"

16 July 2007

Infographic romance

Look at this video.

Understanding USA

There are a lot of charts in this site Understanding USA that could be very interesting for all of you.

22 April 2007

"A drawing is a conversation with yourself"

Help me write a story!, originally uploaded by dgray_xplane.

-- Vitor Higgs, infographer.

19 April 2007

marruecos libreta grande

Beautiful sketches from Morrocco by Enrique Flores

15 April 2007

Tooth mapping

This graph is a visual record showing the health of a patient's gums.

The red dots indicate bleeders that appear as the dentist probes the gums for their health. The graph-like bars that over-lay the teeth are measures of the gaps between the teeth and the gum.

Five secrets of the curious infographic

These are notes from a talk given at Malofiej 15 by Graphics Editor Marcello Valoncini.

1. Look forward.
Don't stop with the news, simply reporting what has occurred.
2. Reach out. Don't be shy; call people and ask for details.
3. Watch TV. Look to the television medium for ideas and particulars.
4. Compare elements. Even if they seem absurd at first, comparisons help people understand things in a larger context.
5. Use the internet. It can deliver strange, funny or useful elements to enhance your story.

12 April 2007

From Jonathon Berlin

This is a great subject and a great distillation of many of the discussions I took part and heard in Pamplona. Seems like it is THE question to ask. At our newsroom in San Jose, we find ourselves asking another question, but one that is similar. WHAT IS A STORY? It's not just the narrative that follows a byline in the newspaper or magazine.

Could you simplify your manifesto? An infographic is the visual explanation of an idea. Too wide maybe. What would an infographic about what an infographic is look like?

I want to capture this discussion in an upcoming SND Design magazine.

Anyone interested in writing/illustrating/being interviewed? Would love to flesh this out for the members of SND and greater journalism world.


From Joerdis...

If we are talking about infographics and stories: when does an
infographic become a story? And when does a story become an

Anyhow it should be


(Just to add the manifesto.)

And another question: Is it possible to post pictures (graphics)?
Finally we are disussing about visually things...

06 April 2007

What is infography?

This year's Malofiej competition is notable because for the first time ever, an interactive graphic was the only winner for the "best in show" award.

This sparked a lot of conversation about "what is an infographic?" As infographics go online, the line between infography and software begins to blur. Where does infography end and interface design begin?

About a week ago I had an interesting conversation with Juan Velasco, Graphics editor of National Geographic, where we tried to answer some of these questions. It's the beginning of a manifesto -- can you help us make it better?


1. It's a visual explanation that helps you more easily understand, find or do something.
2. It's visual, and when necessary, integrates words and pictures in a fluid, dynamic way.
3. It stands alone and is completely self-explanatory.
4. It reveals information that was formerly hidden or submerged.
5. It makes possible faster, more consistent understanding.
6. It's universally understandable.